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Jasmy International is a community based network of platforms built by the people, for the people. As a community, we strive to promote the success and benefit that Jasmy’s advancements in blockchain data democratization brings our fellow users. Our community is fueled by the belief that Jasmy will revolutionize the data industry by creating an environment where users of any IoT device are more than pieces of sellable data, but their own unique person, with the right to choose when their data is released and where it goes thereafter.

In recognition of our rapidly growing community, we decided to create an NFT that allows Jasmy Coin holders the ability to go above and beyond the monetary value that their trading endeavors bring to them. NFTs are the most appealing and versatile assets a crypto trader can own. So, Jasmy International created a commemorative project that not only allows traders the ability to possess a meaningful piece of their trading experience, but the opportunity to hodl a collectible that will have added benefit as releases continue.

As Jasmy’s efforts progress, we would like for our NFT to act as a personalized access card for Jasmy’s personalized data systems. *It is our hope that in the near future any and all Jasmy International NFT holders will gain this benefit.

Cross the data threshold, become a member of the Jasmy Clubhouse

Jasmy Clubhouse members are commemorative collectibles that embody the core values of IoT data democratization by offering community members a new, and meaningful, form of ownership in their trading experience. All members are completely unique tokens of homage that highlight the rapid growth of Jasmy and their revolutionary roots in Japanese crypto and worldwide technology.

This collection contains 10,000 one-of-one NFTs that include their very own piece of Jasmy, and represent the company’s journey throughout the years. Out of the 10,000 minted, there will be 500 exclusive Hara editions and 250 DelCrxpto editions. Ownership of a Hara member grants the holder access to Hara’s VIP Club, a part of the clubhouse where Hara himself often likes to spend his time. Cross the data threshold and join the Jasmy Clubhouse today to own a piece of your Jasmy trading experience and to show the world your support for data ownership.

Stay tuned for an unreleased special utility for NFT holders*

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